Individualized Programming

Personalized Programming Built for You

This program is ideal for motivated, competitive athletes who still need to improve in one or more areas of their fitness. This is the most unique and customizable program you’ll find, with specific training add-ons for developing strength, gymnastics skills, or conditioning every day of the training week to meet your individual needs.

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Book an initial Evaluation with one of our certified coaches to determine which path is right for you.

What's included

Coaching Overview

  • Tailored Programming 3-6 Days a Week 
  • 60 – 90 min Duration (total daily time commitment) 
  • Video Movement Demos 
  • Coaching Queues and Keys to Success
  • Competition Prep/Planning 
  • Competitive Environment
  • Monthly 1:1 In-Person Coaching Sessions

what you'll gain

Athlete Benefit

  • Access to a Dedicated Coach: Personal coaching with direct contact, weekly plans, and progress reviews.
  • Customized Fitness Plan: Intentional, planned programming with goals of measuring progress every year. This should be approached as a long term commitment to whichever goals or lifestyle you want to pursue. 
  • Focus on Longevity: Sustainable fitness to keep you motivated and injury-free.

Your Custom Path

Program Overview

  • First, we’ll pair you with the right coach for your goals.
  • Then, we will conduct an athlete intake evaluation to determine how we can achieve your goals. 
  • Next, we’ll write out a training plan for the year. This plan will be tailor designed based on your availability. 
  • Lastly, you’ll begin your programming under the evaluation of your Coach. Programming includes a monthly in-person coaching session to adjust your training or refine your skills as needed.

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