Meet Our Team

Dr. Audrey Falconi

Board-Certified Family Physician & Co-Founder

Dr. Falconi is a board-certified family medicine physician who completed a fellowship in emergency ultrasound medicine. Although her medical specialty is unique, her extensive background as an athlete paired with an ongoing personal pursuit of athleticism makes her role as a Physician Coach particularly special.

Originally from Las Vegas, Nevada, Dr. Falconi earned a full ride scholarship to play collegiate soccer at Virginia Military Institute. To sum up her achievements during this time, she was recently inducted into VMI’s Sports Hall of Fame as the second female to ever do so. After graduation, she joined the military and completed her medical school education, residency, and fellowship all while taking on new sports – competitive rugby, triathlons, and her current priority, CrossFit. Her formal education mixed with her passion for sport and experience as an athlete is what set the groundwork for what is now, Physician Coach.

Working as an Officer in the Army, Dr. Falconi had the opportunity to work with athletes daily – our soldiers. In a unique and collaborative environment, she worked side by side with strength coaches, physical therapists, athletic trainers, and orthopedic surgeons which provided a wide breadth of experience in what is now her specialization – Sports Medicine paired with the physiology of bioenergetics.


A New & Better Vision for Healthcare

Pulling from her experience as a multi-sport athlete, family medicine physician, and CrossFit coach, Dr. Falconi wanted to create a practice that provided specialty healthcare, accessible to everyone and not just the elite. Although sports medicine is a love of hers, it wasn’t until her own battle with a diagnosis of pre-diabetes that she dove deep into metabolic health and optimization and discovered this to be absolutely vital to all other avenues of health.

These experiences led to the launch of Physician Coach with the philosophy and protocol spurred by a new and better vision of healthcare — one that aims to reprogram medicine as we know it by using metabolic health as the foundation to which all levels of health are built.

Dr. Falconi cannot wait to work with you on training for metabolic efficiency, programming you for optimal bio-energetics to hit your health goals, and to treat or prevent chronic disease. To have a Physician Coach on your healthcare team means an overall improvement in performance, whatever you desire to perform.

Join Dr. Falconi on this endeavor to creating an effective and sustainable healthcare model that supports you on your journey to true optimization of health and performance.

Dr. Ayla Hopkins

Naturopathic Physician & Co-Founder

Dr. Hopkins is a Naturopathic Physician and the head of Functional Medicine at Physician Coach. A graduate from the acclaimed Bastyr University in Kenmore, WA, she attained her Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine with a special focus on fertility in 2015. Dr. Hopkins also received extensive specialty training in IV Nutrient Therapy and Regenerative Injection Therapies during her education. Prior to this, she completed an undergraduate pre-med Bachelor of Science degree in Sports and Exercise Sciences/Kinesiology from Western Washington University in Bellingham, WA.
Following her time in a women’s health focused primary care clinic, Dr. Hopkins founded Voda Health – a concierge, mobile, vitamin and nutrient injection service. Voda Health turned into an incredible 6+ year venture collaborating with Amazon, Flywheel, W Hotel, Bumble app, Aveda, Athleta, and OrangeTheory Fitness to name a few. Voda Health quickly became successful, all due to the powerful results her treatments produced and the genuine relationships she built with her regulars. Although the corporate events and VIP house-calls were well-worth the experience and growth, her collaborations with local, like-minded, grassroots businesses were where she truly felt she could make a difference in the health of a community. When Dr. Hopkins met Dr. Falconi, she knew their services and individual expertise must be combined under one name. Dr. Hopkins’ continues to provide the same vitamin and nutrient injection service, yet no longer under the name Voda Health, but rather Physician Coach. Her role as head of Functional Medicine allows for her oversight, teaching, and development of the powerful medicine we practice at Physician Coach.
A New Standard in Practice 
Dr. Hopkins’ passion for health and fitness, paired with her desire to bring naturopathic medicine to the forefront in accessibility and awareness to the public, makes her new venture full of opportunity. To revere exercise as a powerful medical treatment, to be competent in exercise physiology and it’s application to all patients seeking to improve their health, is a new wave of healthcare that must be adopted as standard practice in the medical community – and Physician Coach is leading the way.
Growing up, Dr. Hopkins was a gymnast, soccer/basketball/golf/tennis player, and always enjoyed fitness; she has dabbled in half marathons, triathlons, and most recently, began competing in CrossFit. Raised in Gig Harbor, Tacoma is now her home alongside Dr. Falconi, their 14 year old daughter, 3 dogs, 1 cat, and 6 chickens. Dr. Hopkins’ happy place is running through the trails at Point Defiance Park on a sunny day with her dog, Mona, and beating Dr. Falconi in a rowing workout. She loves being with her family, walking the dogs around Tacoma, throwing pottery, and doing anything outdoors and in nature. 

Wyatt deJong

Chief Operating Officer & Head of Functional Fitness

Wyatt is an experienced project manager, leader, and marketing professional, combining his athletic background and academic prowess as a dedicated Physician Coach.

Born and raised in Puyallup, WA, Wyatt embarked on a journey in business management, culminating in a master’s in business analytics from the University of Washington. During his time at UW, Wyatt found a commitment to social responsibility through the university’s Equity & Inclusion department. He advocated for the LGBTQ+ community as a volunteer for the Tacoma Rainbow Center and later as a Business Analyst for the Korean Women’s Association.

Academic excellence defined Wyatt’s tenure at UW, earning him the Milgard School of Business Professional Certificate and securing third place in the CSR Case Competition. International exposure in Rome, Italy, broadened his horizons, fostering a global perspective.

In the realm of marketing leadership, Wyatt’s five-year tenure equipped him with skills in budgeting, project management, and innovative marketing strategies. His profound dedication to health and wellness stems from his own personal challenges, overcoming depression induced by malnutrition as a young athlete. This transformative experience ignited his passion for holistic well-being.


A New Approach to Coaching 

Discovering solace and education in CrossFit, Wyatt is now a level 2 CrossFit instructor, embracing movement practice, nutrition, and community building. As a Coach, Wyatt is on a mission to share his extensive knowledge, supporting individuals on their health and wellness journeys.

Join Wyatt in this collaborative endeavor to optimize your healthspan. Together, let’s craft a holistic approach to well-being that goes beyond conventional boundaries.

Dr. Ari Reardon

Naturopathic Physician

Dr. Dawn “Ari” Reardon is a Naturopathic Physician (ND) licensed by the state of Washington who specializes in natural treatment for mental health conditions and the imbalances that cause them including endocrine conditions (thyroid, adrenal, and sex hormones), digestive conditions, inflammation, neurotransmitter imbalances, genetic polymorphisms (SNP’s), and more.  

They have delivered holistic and naturopathic care since 2013, and are the founder of two clinics in Seattle and the Olympic Peninsula dedicated to treating anxiety, depression, fatigue, insomnia, and other mental health conditions.  

Dr. Reardon is a graduate of Bastyr University, which provided a 5 year clinical education, as well as an opportunity to participate in two research fellowships funded by the National Institute of Health (NIH). They also received a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of North Carolina at Asheville in Biology and Environmental Studies, and graduated as an honored research scholar. 

In their free time, Dr. Reardon enjoys live music and theater, working on building their tiny home village, and jumping in rivers with friends. Under their care, patients can expect the best in care, making Dr. Reardon an invaluable asset to the Physician Coach Community.

Chassi Seppi

Functional Fitness Coach 

Chassi brings a wealth of expertise and passion to the team. Their CrossFit journey began in 2018 when they tagged along with a friend to their first CrossFit class and instantly fell in love with the sport. Already a personal trainer at another gym, Chassi eagerly embraced a coaching role at the same CrossFit gym when a position opened up in 2019.

A 2017 graduate of Seattle Pacific University with a B.S. in Exercise Science, Chassi also holds a Diagnostic Health and Fitness Technician certification from Pierce College. Their professional background includes extensive experience as a strength and conditioning coach and as a rehab specialist in both physical therapy and chiropractic care clinics. In 2023, they earned their Level 1 CrossFit Trainer (CFL1) certification, with plans to continue their certification training. 

Chassi’s coaching philosophy centers on helping athletes have fun while learning to move well, believing that better movement ensures a longer fitness journey. Chassi is known for their ability to motivate and inspire, focusing on safety and effective training techniques.

Outside of coaching, Chassi is dedicated to their own training goals, spending time with family and pets, and exploring local breweries. Under their leadership, athletes can expect expert guidance, personalized training plans, and a supportive community atmosphere, making Chassi an invaluable asset and mentor to all who train under their guidance.

Dr Falconi

Dr. Ayla Hopkins

Board-Certified Family Physician

Dr. Falconi is a board-certified family medicine physician who completed a fellowship in emergency ultrasound medicine. Although her medical specialty is unique, her extensive background as an athlete paired with an ongoing personal pursuit of athleticism makes her role as a Physician Coach particularly special.

Dr Falconi

Dr. Falconi is a board-certified family medicine physician who completed a fellowship in emergency ultrasound medicine. Although her medical specialty is unique, her extensive background as an athlete paired with an ongoing personal pursuit of athleticism makes her role as a Physician Coach particularly special.