Sports Injury Evaluation

Integrated Sports Medicine Injury Treatment Approach at Physician Coach

Welcome to our Integrative Sports Medicine Injury Treatment Program, a cutting-edge initiative that blends the expertise of various healthcare professions to deliver a holistic and comprehensive approach to sports injury management. Our unique program seamlessly integrates sports medicine, naturopathic medicine, exercise physiology, strength and conditioning, physical therapy, and clinical sports nutrition to optimize your recovery and elevate your overall athletic performance.

Comprehensive Assessment

Our journey begins with a meticulous evaluation, combining a detailed medical history, thorough physical examination, and advanced diagnostic tests. What sets our assessment apart is our Physicians’ adept use of Diagnostic Ultrasound. This non-invasive, radiation-free imaging technique employs sound waves to provide clear visuals of joints, tendons, muscles, nerves, and ligaments. Musculoskeletal ultrasound plays a pivotal role in diagnosing and monitoring sports-related injuries, offering precise insights and facilitating immediate treatment without lengthy waits for external referrals or MRI scans.

Dr Falconi using an ultrasound machine on a patient's leg

Integrative Treatment Plans

At Physician Coach, we recognize that recovering from an injury involves more than just addressing the injury itself. Our holistic approach focuses on optimizing your body’s healing capacity through proper nutrition, including adequate calorie and protein intake for injury repair. We target physiologic deficiencies that may increase the risk of injury, such as vitamin and nutrient deficiencies, chronic systemic inflammation, increased stress, and catabolism. Our integrative treatment plans guide your body’s natural ability to heal through personalized strength training and rehabilitation protocols, addressing the injury, facilitating recovery, and optimizing strength.

A man with no shirt on standing with his back to the camera holding a long pole above his head, with cupping treatments on his back

Empowering our Patients

Knowledge is power, and at Physician Coach, we empower you with insights into your injury and the treatment process. Our approach involves guiding you on lifestyle modifications, injury prevention strategies, tailored strength training programs, and self-care practices.

Commitment to Your Peak Performance

At Physician Coach, we are dedicated to assisting you in recovering from sports injuries and achieving your peak performance through an integrative and collaborative approach. Experience the benefits of comprehensive care that not only addresses symptoms but also targets the underlying factors contributing to your injury. Your journey to optimal health and athletic excellence begins here.